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Membership costs just £10 per year, or £17 for a family at the same address.

Membership entitles you to:

Receive a quarterly newsletter
Attend monthly meetings without charge
Book to go on trips

We hold a membership database that includes the following personal information: your name, address, email address, phone number and the approximate date you joined. This is held on a password protected computer, and backed up on a password protected One Drive in the cloud. The information is only used for the purposes of running the Association, and will not be released to any outside body or organisation. Members who have resigned, or lapsed by more than 6 months from the annual renewal date, will be deleted from the database.

At any time you are entitled to receive a copy of the information we hold for you, and you can require that we delete your information from the database. However, if so, you will not be able to receive any information (newsletters, booking forms for outings, etc), from the Association.

From time to time it is appropriate for committee members to be sent a copy of the most recent membership list, including your personal information. When this is done by email, the file that is sent will be password protected.

Click here to download the membership application form.



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