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Forthcoming meetings

Except where otherwise shown, indoor meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of the month, staring at 8:00 pm. At present these meetings are held on-line only, using Zoom. The following meetings have been arranged to date:

May 27th “Beauty and diversity of plant foliage” by Brian Fisher

Brian has visited us several times over the years, most recently the year before last, when he talked about the gardens of Madeira. In this talk about foliage, he will include advice on pruning some of the plants being discussed.

June 24th “Fuchsias my way” by David Dexter

David has been a member of the British Fuchsia Society for over 17 years and has 22 years experience of growing award winning
fuchsias. He has exhibited for 5 years at Hampton Court Flower Show - Silver Gilt Winner, and exhibited at British Fuchsia Society
London Show - 12 First in Class Winners.

July 22nd "Gardens for Us & Them" by Ian Bedford

Despite many worrying facts about Global Warming and Climate Change and how it will affect the ecosystems, around 35% of Britain's land mass is protected from development within National Parks and Nature Reserves.  Many projects are also underway to try and connect these protected areas so that their wildlife doesn't suffer through geographic isolation. Home gardens can all become valuable stepping stones  for our wildlife in the quest to connect the natural reserves. This talk explains some of the very easy things we can all do to help achieve this, for us and the future generations of our population and Britain's wildlife.

September 23rd  “What Do I Do With This Space?” by Darren Lerigo

A question clients often ask us, a question we often ask ourselves. So it became the title of our new talk for winter 2014/2015... but to answer this question, we have realised, is a huge undertaking. Exploring potential answers left us delving deeper and deeper into new ideas, unpacking thoughts and contemplating the words of garden philosophers, and feeling ever more entangled by the question we had set out to explore. How could such a simple question become so complex? Or as Clarice Lispector puts it in The Passion According to G.H.: “I don't know what to do with the horrifying freedom that can destroy me.”

And doesn't that sum it up well - what do I do with this space? Really, you can do anything.
The art or science or whatever you want to call it is left to you, the way you think and feel and what you know and don't know... and of course, the 'don't-knows' you are willing to explore. The talk takes in the work of people from all over the world - starting in Japan, then ending in a dream garden via Scandinavia, Spain, Uruguay, Sheffield and the kitchen of a Parisian chef. It also quotes Motehr Teresa and Jack Gilbert, just to keep the audience on its toes!
It is a fascinating question we have set ourselves and we have had a riot exploring potential answers.

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