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Forthcoming meetings

Except where otherwise shown, indoor meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of the month, staring at 8:00 pm in the Drake Hall, Amersham Community Centre. Visitors are welcome at these meetings on payment of £3.00

2019 November 28th Samantha Hopes Winter in bloom
  December 19th   Xmas social evening
2020 January 23rd Patricia Fox Designing contemporary planting schemes
  February 27th Carole Petifer Monet's Paradise on Earth
  March 26th Chris Thorne News from the garden centre shelves
  April 23rd Paul Barney 25 years of Edulis Nursery: shipwrecks, buggles and bombs
  Thursday April 30th (date to be confirmed) Visit to Alswick Hall and Daisy Roots
  Wednesday May 13th   afternoon visit to Huntsmoor, Stoney Lane, Bovingdon
  Saturday May 16th   Plant sale in St Michael's Church forecourt
  May 28th James Smallwood Meticulous auriculas
  May 31st - June 3rd   Four day visit to north Norfolk
  June 25th John Baker and June Colley Gardens of Russia
  Wednesday July 1st   Evening visit to Sue Edwards' garden in Jordans
  July 23rd Darren Lerigo What I do with this space
  August, date to be confirmed Visit to Cotswold garden
  Thursday August 27th   Afternoon visit to Jill and Richard Jones' garden in Princes Risborough
  September 24th Jim Arbury Fruit for small gardens
  October,date to be confirmed Visit to Wisley autumn festival
  October 22nd Anne Luder Why gardens?
  November 26th Ian Margetts From mustard to mint
  December 17th note this is the 3rd week in the month Xmas social evening
2021 January 28th Timothy Walker On top but never in control: tales from a small garden



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